KRC Genk vs Liverpool - live fans match thread!

What's that coming over the hill, is it a match thread, is it a match threeeead. Probably not as we know it Jim, probably not as we know it. We'll give it a go though.

Sorry, you know when a song gets stuck in your head, or rather a small irritatingly repetitive part of it and your brain for reasons you don't understand and can't seem to stop, is demanding you keep singing it over, and over, and then over some more..... what's that coming over the hill, is it a match thread, is it a match threeeead....

So, today our men in red take on some men who we hope to make blue. That's about all I know of KFC Genk. What I know about us is that after a downright dismal display against Utd we need to get back on track. It seems like we always hope to win every game with a nice easy, non-taxing shellacking but for certain that would be just what the doctor ordered tonight.

After this match we then play Tottenham Hot Spurs and Arsenal F C. So what we need is to win this one on cruise control, comfort setting and then get ourselves back to Liverpool where we can crack on with an EPL winning plan.

We certainly don't want any more injuries because as first reported here by The Liver Bird Nest's very own man in the know, Mr D A Bandit: TAA (sickness) and Matip (knee injury) are both out of tonight's game. Salah is still a doubt and potentially we'll rest a tired looking Henderson. Where does that leave us? Well assuming that Shaqiri is still injured too, we might line-up something along these lines.

Here are Jurgen and JFM's thoughts ahead of the game.

And here are mine.



Prediction League bonus point questions

1. LFC Result (Win, Loss or Draw)
2. Final score
3. LFC’s first goal scorer
4. Total shot attempts by LFC
5. First LFC substitute (player brought on)
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