Klopp: 'All four goals were beautiful' | Genk vs Liverpool

Afternoon all, fantastic result yesterday. As you know Stu is away for a while and Jock is on holiday, so for now I'm on my tod. Or in other words, the lunatic is running the asylum. Helped in no small part by DaBandit, with support from all of you for which I'm very grateful.

Further on that: I cannot apologise enough for my drunken abusive behaviour on here. I've let everyone down including Bev and that makes me feel sick to the pit of my stomach. All I can say and this is not an excuse, it really isn't but I have ongoing poor health which at times affords me very minimal amounts of energy and I'm pretty deeply depressed as well. Throw some alcohol into the mix, add a smattering of stress-inducing nuisance posts which rob away that minimal energy from better use and after some unhelpful rumination, I've gone from jovial fisher to someone I'm not at all proud of in less than sixty seconds. That's been happening far too often, for far too long and I'm truly sorry.

So now it's a choice of give up or keep trying and keep trying is the only option there, so that's what we'll do. Articles, as well as general goings on may need to become a little more relaxed in nature for a while because frankly it is hard work at times and that makes it tricky for the site contributors to also use the nest as a place to relax and switch off which is what it should be for all of us.

With that in mind, today's article is a place to post whatever you like while enjoying the after match vibe accompanied simply by Jurgen's post match presser, with the following foreword from me:

We're gonna win the dog damn champions league! Again.

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