Jurgen gives his thoughts on our seven goal thriller vs Salzburg

Morning all just a brief article with Jurgen's post match press conference. I won't delve too deep into individual player performances last night as that's far better covered by Jock in his ratings articles.

What I'm interested in is just how concerned should we be by last night's display. Kloppo puts it all down to an in-game tactical change from Salzburg and also our lads choosing the wrong way to go about playing after we'd obtained our three nil lead. He also says some of our players went about things one way while others went a different route. That left us incoherent in our approach and hence we began to ship goals. Thankfully we recovered toward the end and did just enough to win.

If we remove tactics and also individual player performances, would I be right in suggesting we really haven't looked ourselves of late in an overall sense? We've instead looked jaded and most worryingly of all, we've looked low on confidence. Our defence is nowhere close to it's normal rock steady self and our midfield continues to leave unanswered questions about whether it's good enough.

This is not a doom and gloom article because at the end of the day we've won every single game we've played this season bar one so clearly our team isn't too far short. However to win trophies it will need to turn itself all the way up to eleven and so far this season we've yet to see it do so. Perhaps then a certain amount of concern is warranted?

On a separate finishing note, I'd like to send all our best wishes to Greg. Fingers crossed he's doing a bit better today and will get a clean bill of health at the Doctors.

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