Jurgen apoplectic after fox hunt on Salah

Evening all, bit of a gap filler for us to chew the fat over ahead of the player ratings. Jock will do a far better job of assessing our performance than me and I know we all look forward to his ratings articles. Fortunately, well unfortunately really, we have a strong talking point from today's game which Timpo has described brilliantly on the match thread:

"Some action has to be taken against Choudhury, in the space of a fortnight he has assaulted two players Matt Ritchie (Newcastle) and now our Mo with horror tackles.

This is not a coincidence that this has happened, it is irresponsible of his manager not to condemn this reckless behaviour and to put a stop to it. Ritchie is out for two months and as of yet we do not know how long Mo is going to be out.

Another point is, the stupid commentator said Choudhury took one for the team, what the fish was he talking about. That is like saying you can maim a player and it’s okay because you've done it for your team mates to stop a goal, hang your head in shame you fishing dickhead.

Don’t normally advocate this but if Mo is out for months then LFC should sue Choudhury and bring a private prosecution because the action was pre meditated and violent."

I couldn't agree more and it seems Jurgen feels exactly the same. Below he talks directly after the game and it's clear the above described assault on Mo is the thing he most wishes to discuss. It's also clear he's extremely angry. I'm of the opinion he has every right to be and to bring the matter up in the strongest possible terms. Additionally Klopp adds that we have, for successive seasons, been amongst the lowest recipients of yellow cards but we seem often to get kicked to bits by our opponents. I feel it's about time the officials started doing more to protect our players.

There's no question is there that Choudhury should have seen red today? Annoyingly though not only was it a mere yellow card he received but as I understand it the fact he got an in game punishment means he can't now receive a red/match ban retrospectively. So exactly as Timpo says, he's basically got away with it, again. We mustn't become too enraged though and let it detract from the result.

Touch wood Mo is going to be okay. And next up is Jurgen's post match presser where he rightly points out that any team in the league who wins versus Leicester, whether by hook or by crook, are going to be very happy with their day's work, and so we should be. It was a clear cut pen and as Jurgen also acknowledged that is where particularly in the closing minutes of a game you need someone cool under pressure, luckily we have JFM. Cometh the hour cometh the Milner. Job done.

Naturally Jurgen does repeat his displeasure regards the challenge on MO and I'm really impressed with how he voiced his opinion on it. He did so calmly and with sound reasoning, also with a deal of humility which made it clear he's simply trying to protect our players, in fact all players.

Anyway guys have a watch and see if you agree. I think we'll all be on the same page on this one. Although, how's this for a possible idea: Jurgen's making waves over the Choudhury challenge to try and distract from the post match punch up?...

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