Hendo and Trent take on the world!

Hurrah! we're nearly at the end of this particular international borefest and as recently pointed out by Hawthorn, today is the last day any of our senior players take part. There's a chance Brewster may play for England's U21's against Austria U21's tomorrow but Bulgaria versus England this evening will see all main LFC players over the finishing line.


A bit of a recap from yesterday's action: Robertson beat San Marino six nil, Gini, as predicted by Timp, was the Netherlands best player scoring a brace of goals with the second one being possibly the goal of the break and Virgil did his bit in helping them keep a clean sheet. Right up until the point where they didn't. The match between Wilson/Wales and Lovren/Croatia ended a draw with both players having decent games and Origi yet again failed to score a single goal from the bench for Belgium.

Thankfully we've made it to this point with no reported injuries and if we can just finish today in that same manor then the job will have been a tedious but not costly one. We can get our lads back to Melwood and working on tactics to stuff United on Sunday.

Will Southgate help us in that regard or will he do his best to scupper our plans by fielding not only Henderson and Alexander-Arnold but possibly Gomez and Alex The Ox-lade Chamberlain as well? I certainly wouldn't put it past him and we will have to tune in at 19.45 (BPT) to find out.

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