Fantasy and Prediction League tables - game week 8

It's been a while since our last update but thankfully the good news is that Liverpool haven't stopped winning since, the question is, have you? Let's have a look at the latest fantasy and prediction tables and find out.


Well there's some big changes and plenty more points put on the boards. DaBandit doing excellently, topping the Prediction League table and to be fair he deserves as much for all his hard work running the bonus point section as well as collating the points totals. He's joined this week by 40YearOldVirgil who's STILL winning the Fantasy Football and Joe, LBS and tHe chOsen Ones (is that code - H O O ?! very mysterious:) who are jointly sharing the top three spots across both games.

Brilliantly played all. Please let me know if you spot any errors and good luck to everyone for the next game week. Don't forget to tweak those fantasy teams to within an inch of their lives and get your 0-4 predictions in for us beating Utd. All that's left do for this game week however is to say DaBandit, 40YearOldVirgil, sing it loud and proud lads. Loud, and, proud!...

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