The great LFC title winning debate

Will we, won't we? Discuss. That's the nubbin's of this article. Pretty sure that's a saying, although you could also swap out nubbin's for gubbins if you were that way inclined. Now, what relevance does that bear to us winning the league you may ask. None whatsoever.


Moving on we arrive at our goal keeper(s) and with Man Mountain Alisson soon due back, Adrian having developed into a dependable backup and Kelleher looking pretty 'handy' as well, I think we'd all agree this part of our team and squad is a title winning one.

Defence - I should say so. Robertoson, Trent 2A, Virgil van-Colossus and Marvelous Joel Matip means we have a truly world class back four but are we as confident in our backup options? I'm not. Lovren is simply not a player who fills me with confidence. On his day he can be a very good player indeed. Nice bloke to boot and a person about the team over and above himself - perfect. Every now and then though he turns our normally sublime defence into the totally ridiculous. Thankfully we also have Joe Gomez who is really rather good as either a centre back or possibly a full back. I'm still not sure which one he most excels at but a very good player there is no doubt.

If we're considering can we win the league then we're at the same time asking can we be better than City over the course of a season. Well barring some bad luck with injuries I would say our defence most certainly can. So we head further up the pitch.

Midfield. Hmm, now this is tricky. We have many, many, many midfielders, and that's not something you can say quickly and repeatedly. Fortunately they're mostly all capable of playing quickly and repeatedly and that's a good thing, as Kloppo likes our players to cover a lot of miles. They can also defend, disrupt and press and pass extremely well. Again, all good and required traits for a Jurgen Klopp side. Just lately however, I would suggest we've become a tad too reliant on sending our attacks out wide. Is that because we've no one in the middle who can dribble around a few opposition players, drive toward their area and either play one of our attackers in or bang the ball into the goal themselves? Probably not. I'd say our propensity to attack from out wide is a purposeful one. Nevertheless it would at times be helpful to have more centralised options in our tool kit and that is where Naby Keita and Oxlade-Chamberlain step in, or don't. Nobody knows.....

So if we agree there's a lingering, yet to be answered question or two as to our midfield's title winning credentials, we can then move on to the final third of the pitch and look at our attack. Not too much to say here. They are simply brilliant and they will need to be that all season with as few rough patches as they are currently suffering as possible because that could very well decide where the title ends up. It will be especially important they take whatever chances we're able to create in the two games against City. Those two fixtures are sure to be massive factors in which of us wins the league.

My personal conclusion then is thus: In goal keeping and defence we are there - start writing our names on the trophy. Should we suffer injury misfortune in that department though you might have to hold those horses. In midfield we are at least eighteen nineteenths there. That should be enough. If OX and Keita can jointly add another four and half tenths each though, then we're golden. In attack, come on, we all like to have a little moan about our golden boot winners every once in a while and after all it's fair game to assesses them on a per match basis. That's our job but when all is said and done every other team on the planet would give their right hands (no Jay) to have our terrific trio and for good reason - they're chuffin amazing.

As a finishing deliberation, how about our rivals, City? What chance do they have. Our resident Jock in the Kop was absolutely spot on in highlighting before the season's start that Kompany leaving would affect them and certainly their defence is now not all it's cracked up to be. The annoyance is that they can make up for it by scoring three and a half million goals at the other end of the pitch. Their midfield I'd suggest is also a notch or two ahead of our own and their attack, helped by that midfield is also better. You only have to look at their GD to see this. That goal difference could very well amount to an extra point for them come the end of the season. So we will need to win it with a clear gap. Thankfully, as of this moment in time, that's exactly what we have.

Can we maintain that gap? Well we let a nine point lead go last season so anything can happen but I believe as reigning Champions of Europe we're that little bit more experienced and along with some better luck this season on the injury front there's every reason to believe we can get to the end with a lead and win us our first EPL trophy. Which is nice. Make no mistake though, I feel it's going to be in the balance all the way.

What do you think, am I right in my assessment of our strengths and weaknesses and how do you think City stack up. I rate our chances of winning the league as 7/10 and City's as... 7/10. Now where's that fence gone, I need to sit down.
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