Sheffield United vs Liverpool

On Saturday we play Sheffield United away and as usual it is a match we have to win. As you know I always like to include a few facts which if they didn't come with my own personal guarantee of authenticity you would find very hard to believe. My Sheffield "fact" is that there used to be a Sheffield football club for every day of the week from Monday through to Sunday. It was decided though that seven teams was just too many for one City and so they all agreed to merge together to form a single club called Sheffield United. Unfortunately, Sheffield Wednesday reneged on the deal and decided to go it alone so now there are two Sheffield teams Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday.

One lasting reminder of the acrimony over Wednesday's "betrayal" is that to this day many of the shops in Sheffield have "half day closing" on Wednesday. They close at lunchtime every Wednesday and don't reopen until Thursday morning.

Sheffield United's nickname is the blades because of the steel industry that Sheffield was once famed for. Consequently, their mascot is called Captain Blade and as you can see he is a pirate who clearly likes a Jolly Roger (yes Jay)

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The owner of Sheffield United is a Saudi Arabia Prince Abdullah bin Musa'ad with links to the Bin Laden family, which is nice.....

Team : Adrian, TAA. Matip, VVD, Robbo, Fab, Gini, Hendo, Mane, Firmino, Salah.


Prediction League:
1. Time of the first LFC goal (+/-2 minutes)
2. Time of the first LFC substitution (+/- 2 minutes)
3. Time of the first LFC corner kick (+/- 2 minutes)
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