MK Dons vs Liverpool

When I saw we had MK Dons on the fixture list I didn't realise it was a football fixture I naturally just assumed this was one of FSG's money making schemes to have midweek concerts featuring in this case DJ MK Don. Being "down with the kids" and a keen student of RAP I was looking forward to getting acquainted with MK. Then someone told me he wasn't a flashy, gold chain wearing, American gangsta speaking millennial from Essex but a football team from Wimbledon playing their home games in Milton Keynes.  This is madness. It's like Liverpool announcing they are moving to Haverfordwest and changing their name to HW Pool, or City moving to South West London and calling themselves MC Hammer (smith)

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Armed with this new found knowledge I had my secretary (no Jay) secretly hack into the MK Dons computer system (using a hand held device) and she discovered that they will be employing the usual  9-1 formation against Liverpool.  Hopefully Klopp will combat this by playing some of the fringe first teamers and youth players. I would like to see all of the following feature in what would be a pretty good basis for a second team: Kelleher, Hoever, Lovren,  Gomez, Berg, Elliot,  Lallana,  Brewster,  the Ox and Keita. Unfortunately, Origi, Larouci and Shaq are all injured  or I would have included them too.  Finally, if Migs doesn't feature this time, I think Case will just have to accept that his Liverpool days could well be numbered...…

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