Liverpool vs Newcastle Brown

I must admit that when Rafa left Newcastle I said they would never find another manager of that quality but Mike Ashley proved me wrong when he pulled out all the stops and somehow managed to prise Steve Bruce away from Sheffield Wednesday with promises of unlimited funds  Most Newcastle fans must have been thinking to themselves "give him a year to settle in and this time next year we'll be up there fighting it out at the top of the table...……….. the Championship table"

One commendable feature of Steve Bruce though is that despite finishing his playing career many years ago he has managed to maintain a high level of fitness and today is still exactly the same size and weight as the current old Trafford defensive legend Luke Shaw. (Luke Shaw is  pictured below). 

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I don't know about Newcastle Brown but I know that after Saturday they'll be Newcastle blue.

Team for Saturday, barring accidents, same old, same old: Adrian, TAA. Matip, VVD, Fab, Gini, Hendo, Firmino, Shrimp, Mane.

Prediction Lge bonus questions:
1. First LFC goalscorer
2. Total LFC possession (+/- 2 %)
3. Echo’s MOTM
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