Liverpool in the EFL Cup - were we good enough?

No, we weren't. Not from what I saw. Okay this is just a brief article in part to give us some fresh space. I'm not sure how Jock's feeling today or if we'll have a ratings thread for last night's game. Hopefully he's a bit better now but I think we'd all agree there's no pressure on him for a ratings thread.

I'll try not to rob too much in that respect just in case but I want to discuss a more general question of whether our overall approach to the domestic cups is good enough. I don't think it is, or at least it hasn't been and last night showed no signs it's improving. Okay we got through but in part due to some great goal keeping from us and some squandered chances from our opponents.

We know we haven't been good enough in recent seasons to win any domestic cups, as evidenced by the fact we haven't done. Will this season be any different? We just scraped through last night and in my opinion the balance was all wrong. We should be fielding enough senior players to get a comfortable lead and then replacing them with younger players and/or players returning from injury such as Keita. Sure, start a few youngsters alongside the senior players but not a whole team's worth.

We should be aiming to win every tournament we enter, not hope to make it through the first match on a whim and a prayer. Last night's game could easily have gone very differently and seen us fall flat on our faces at the first hurdle again. Granted the League Cup is the least valued trophy of the season but still we should be in it to win it, or else we just shouldn't bother at all. Football's not a game you can pick and choose in because if you try, you can guarantee you get a terrible draw and a load of bad luck in your preferred competitions and then you risk ending up with no trophies at all.

I don't think a starting line-up which included none of our main starting senior players, four teenagers, a smattering of injury returnees and five players you've virtually never heard of, is good enough. It shows contempt for the tournament and a lack of desire to advance in it.

If we carry on with this half hearted approach, we'll not be wining either of the domestic cups again this season. Lastly, although as mentioned I don't want to get too into individual performances, I will say Brewster certainly hasn't yet shown himself to be anything like the player he was hyped as over the summer and being he was touted as a reason for our lack of signings that's a concern.

Maybe I'm wrong in my disappointment over last night's performance and plan of attack, if that's the case, tell me why. First though, here are Jurgen's thoughts.

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