Liverpool FC - What do we want?

Article by Shaun.

During our recent UEFA Super Cup win someone posted (Jay I think) our trophy wall, and it looked fantastically impressive. However the first thing that jumped out at me was just how successful we had been in Europe as a percentage to Domestic success.

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Now I fully acknowledge that domestically we have been excellent, but when you look at our success during the 70’s & 80’s then it spawned 33 trophies, 7 of which were European. Now the painful part, during Man U’s years of domination (I’ve chosen their best 20 years) then they won 36 trophies, yet only 3 of those were European (although they did win the Intercontinental and World Club Cup).

So I broke our trophy haul down. Basically it took us 70 years to become a constant force in the English game. Until the 60’s we had won 9 league titles, 3 of which were the second tier, but no cups.

That all changed in the 60’s. 2 titles and 5 domestic cups, but no European glory, that was to follow, and boy did we get it good. The 70’s was an explosion into Europe, which made us the envy of every club in England, 14 trophies which consisted of 4 top flight titles and 5 European trophies.

After the 70’s then surely it couldn’t get better? But better it got. 19 Trophies in total which included 2 European trophies and 6 titles. It was clear we were able to fight on all fronts and that domestic dominance was a very clear objective.

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Then something went wrong, I really do hate the Premier League and the Champions League, change the name and somehow we forgot what it was all about. Now money ruled and you could get monetary reward for not winning. Since the forming of these 2 arrangements we have won 20 trophies, which let’s be honest is not bad in any way, and 5 of those have been in Europe, but our last top flight title was 89/90.

Anyway, back to the point. What do we want? Jock made the point that as a club we no longer are that bothered about domestic cups, and it’s only Europe and the League that we are bothered about, and although from a money side I fully understand that, and don’t even disagree I have an overall feeling that this is our problem.

Up until this year we had forgotten how to win. We are already in the longest ever gap without winning the league title, which given that we didn’t need to wait this long during our first 70 years when we had never been dominant is shameful. We haven’t won the FA Cup or Community Shield for 13 years and the League Cup 7 years.

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Under Klopp, and with this current side I truly believe we can win the League this year, and with that I can see the Domestic trophies started to pile up again. If we don’t win the league though, we NEED to win something. Also the fact that Man U have that World Club Cup victory rankles, so hopefully we can add that to the wall in December but with more style than United did who devalued the FA Cup by not participating that year.

So let’s leave on a high...

Division 1 titles = 18
Division 2 titles = 4
Lancashire League title = 1
FA Cup = 7
League Cup = 8
Community/Charity Shield = 15 (4 shared)
Sheriff of London Charity Shield = 1
Football League Super Cup = 1
European Cup/Champions League = 6
UEFA/Europa Cup = 3
UEFA Super Cup = 4
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