Are Keita and Chamberlain enough to win the league?

Including all competitions, we've played seven games now this season and I'm wondering how people feel about our midfield. Last season we appeared to be lacking creativity and goals from this area of the pitch and the common suggestion was that a returning from injury Ox and Keita would be the solution. I'd like to gauge opinion now to see if that notion still stands.

At present there seems to be an ever increasing trend for our attacking play to be channelled down the wings. In Robbo and TAA we have two excellent players and it's right we make good use of them but I fear we risk becoming too predictable and that teams may come up with a way of nullifying our goal threat. Most of our opponents park a bus a second or so after kick off and while we're generally able to find a route to goal eventually, sometimes we seem bereft of ideas through the middle.

In tight games an extra goal or two either created or scored directly from central midfield may just make the winning difference and that could in turn make or break our bid to win the Premier League.

Personally I'm on the fence as I feel both Keita and The Ox could become the players we need in this regard but don't feel either have shown enough so far to be certain. Whether it be a lack of consistent good performance, injury concerns, or both, I don't feel I've seen enough to relax and believe we were right not to sign a Fekir, Fernandes or similar during the summer.

Am I right to be worried or are people confident we have all the players we need for a title winning season. I'll attach a poll at the end but first, here are a couple of clips to ponder in deciding if the two midfielders in question are all that we need.

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