Is Robbo as good as Jock says he is?

I have deliberately used a controversial and provoking title to address something that occurred to me whilst watching the international matches. I am sure Jock will take it in the spirit intended (gulp) though he has consistently (and without bias) awarded Robbo 11 out of 10 in his player ratings each week.  I am actually referring to both our fullbacks TAA and Robbo. Trent was left out the England side in favour of Trippier and Robbo had a torrid time playing for Scotland against Russia and not for the first time.

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Obviously as Liverpool fans we think we have the best fullbacks in the Country and even possibly Europe but are we being overly biased?  We can point to Liverpool's defensive record which is excellent and the number of assists both fullbacks have provided which is exceptional but is that a true reflection of their talent or do they benefit from the way the team plays and the efforts of their team mates?.

Truly exceptional players usually look good even when surrounded by lesser players indeed often that exaggerates their skill and presence. Clearly this does not seem to happen with Robbo and obviously Southgate isn't convinced either by Trent it seems. Though it might be Robbo weighed down by the pressure of the Captaincy of Scotland and Trent losing out to Tripper because of the Spurs presence in the England team. (I know he has moved on but he is more familiar with Kane's play)

I wonder too whether in the Liverpool side the defensive record owes more to Alisson and VVD than the fullbacks and whether their attacking stats benefit from teams being on the back-foot on the wings due to the pressure applied by Mane and Salah. In other words does Klopp's tactics, team construction  and use of players make Trent and Robbo look better than they really are or are both Scotland and Southgate just crap?
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