Who do LFC fans want in tonight's Champions League draw?

Later this evening at 17.30BCT (BritishCorrectTime), League Leaders Liverpool will find out who we'll be playing in the group stages of this season's Champions League but as current holders of the trophy, who would we most like to beat on our way to winning it this time?

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There are 32 teams in total divided into 4 pots as follows.

Pot one: Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcelona, Manchester City, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Paris St-Germain, Zenit St Petersburg

Pot two: Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Napoli, Shakhtar Donetsk, Tottenham, Ajax, Benfica

Pot three: Lyon, Bayer Leverkusen, Salzburg, Olympiakos, Club Bruges, Valencia, Inter Milan, Dinamo Zagreb

Pot four: Lokomotiv Moscow, Genk, Galatasaray, RB Leipzig, Slavia Prague, Red Star Belgrade, Atalanta, Lille

Teams cannot draw other teams from within the same pot and teams also can't draw teams who play in the same association.

Our pot is made up of Champions League Holders Liverpool, as well as The Europa League winners Chelsea, plus the champions of the six highest ranked nations. This pot will be drawn from first with each team creating one of eight groups (A to H).

The remaining three pots which are based on club coefficient rankings (how each team or association has done over the last five years) will then be drawn in order, with teams being placed one by one into the eight groups until they're all filled.

So in a nutshell, we will start in our own group and then be joined by one team from each of pots one, two and three. I know some want to see us draw the big names such as one of the two Madrid's, maybe even Barca but as Hawthorn noted on an earlier thread, some of these games will fall in very close proximity to tough EPL fixtures so I'm hoping for as easy a route to the CL final as possible.

My pick would be along the lines of Shakhtar Donetsk, Salzburg and Atalanta. Not sure if these are the absolute easiest teams? There are further factors such as travelling distances to consider which may influence people's choices in multiple ways. It can make a difference to fatigue levels in our team, possibly effecting results in surrounding fixtures and also many fans will be hoping to travel to watch our group stage games.

Supporters hoping to watch matches in person may have certain destinations they favour, both in terms of prestige as well as travelling logistics. That's totally understandable and for those dreaming of say a trip to Spain to watch us do some giant killing, I really hope their wishes are met. Maybe The Liver Bird Nest collective might even consider making a European trip of our own :-)

All things considered then peoples, who would you like to see us draw and why?
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