Welcome to Liverpool - Harvey Elliott

We're a little late to the party here but don't worry Harvey you can breath easier today as The Liver Bird Nest now officially welcomes you to Liverpool Football Club. That's not an invite to take your foot off the gas though - keep up the performance level you displayed a few nights ago and there will soon be a song ringing about Anfield with your name in it. Top bombing Sir.


Indeed, those of us who remembered what time kick off was the other night, seriously we need to get some kind of clock or countdown timer, will have seen our second summer signing in action. A certain Harvey Elliot and what a great start he's off to - many very favourable comments from posters here who saw him play against Lyon but what else do we know about him? Read on to find out...

Harvey, who previously played for Fulham is just sixteen years old and making a Premier League appearance for Fulham at that same age saw him become the youngest ever player to play in the EPL. At fifteen years of age he took to the field in the Carabao Cup and that gave him the record for youngest ever player in that tournament. His then manager Slaviša Jokanović reporting he had even attended a school exam earlier on that day. Harvey is also an England youth international but alas he cannot play pro until he turns seventeen on his birthday next April.

Cost wise it's been reported that Fulham are seeking a fee of around £9million but this will be determined by a tribunal at a later date. Harvey is a left footer who favours the right wing but can also play on the opposite wing. He's 1.70m tall and last season accross all competitions he made 22 appearances, scoring 5 goals and providing 4 assists.

Other clubs said to be interested were Real Madrid, Paris St-Germain, Arsenal and... Manchester City. Well tough bananas boys, the lad chose Liverpool. And what a damn fine choice it was.

Shortly I will finish with a clip of our new future worldie in action but will first conclude by mentioning he's also an avid Harry Kane hater, which is nice, and perhaps unusually for a young football player he enjoys the hobby of ornithology. Being particularly keen on the conservation aspect, Harvey even carries around rescued birds in a nest on is head.

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