The Super Cup - hit or miss?

Another brief one from me today. Just thought it would be interesting to canvass opinion regards our midweek Super Cup game. I was going to list a little of the tournament's history and make up but am wary of treading on Stu's match thread toes. What I'll instead concentrate on is asking how you guys rate the competition and whether you're glad that we're playing it.

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I recall writing a similar piece about the domestic League Cup and my own feeling is very similar here: once we're in a tournament, irrespective of whether it's one we're fond of or not, we should do our utmost to win it. This one in particular I have to be honest feels like a bit of an inconvenience we could well do without. There are already more fixtures in our season than you could shake a stick at, including of course many additional games which the newly formed Club World Cup will entail.

So now we have ourselves a midweek trip to Istanbul to contend with, to try and win a trophy which no one in the entire history of football has ever asked how many times a team has won. Three by the way for us and five for Barca who have the most. But there are some reasons to want to close that gap. One it's a trophy and as mentioned that means we go all out to win it. Two it's against Chelsea and that means, we go all out to win it. Three it's against Frank Lampard... and four it's against Chelsea fans... we try to put as many goals past them as possible then.

In more general terms though, what do people think, hypothetically, given the choice would you scrap the Super Cup altogether? After all we know which is the far more prestigious tournament between the Champions League and the Europa League so do we really now need this extra match on top? On the other hand it's another European night which we tend to quite enjoy and potentially also some more silverware for the cabinet.

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