Southampton vs Liverpool

On Saturday Liverpool travel to the South coast to take on Soton, South Hampton. or simply the Saints. Despite my predictions last time out at Southampton they did not get relegated, they still have the same manager but most importantly they still have their mascot Sammy the god. He has also found himself a mate and looking at them both you just hope that at least one of them has been "done" if not both of them. Ever thorough in my research for TLBN, I have established that his new, little friend is called...…….Santa.

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One of our old boys plays for Southampton, Danny Ings and in turn we have a couple of Saints in our team, Saint Salah and Saint Jurgen with their matching medallions.

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It is anyone's guess what team Klopp will go with as he seems to be favouring a larger degree of rotation at the start of the season perhaps to prepare the team for the rigours of a long season where changes will be necessary and/or forced on the team. At the moment we are not flowing as well as before but still winning things so no need to panic just yet. After all, the January transfer window is just around the corner when I fully expect FSG to sanction the purchase of a minimum of 11 World class backups ;-)


Prediction League bonus point questions:

1. First LFC goal scorer
2. LFC player with the high passing percentage
3. Total LFC shots on goal

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Look forward to seeing as many of you as poss competing for top god.
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