Salah berates VAR, have your say in our fan poll

As the debate over the merits of VAR continues to rumble on Mohamed Salah gives his opinion and it's one mirrored by many Liverpool fans. Was the game simply much better without it?

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Asked about VAR in an interview with CNN Salah had the following to say:

"I don't like it ... that's my answer, always. I don't like it,"

"I love football how it is," "It's like that with the mistakes of the referee, with the aggression from the player sometimes.

"It's OK sometimes to protect the players from dangerous play. But OK, that's it, in my opinion, that could be the only reason that happened, just to protect the players.

"But for me, I accepted the football with the mistakes of the referee, mistakes of the player, I don't know, whatever. That's how the football gets more excited."

Very interesting to get a player's view and I imagine Mo is far from the only one to feel this way. What do us fans thing though? Well in a short, sweet and straight to the point article, let's find out...

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