Mesmerising, Magic Mignolet, will be missed

Morning all, I hope you are all well but fear the following sickening news will ruin your entire week. The Liver Bird Nest can exclusively reveal that we have read the following shocking revelation being reported by other publications:


Well as if we weren't already mentally scarred by the lack of incoming signings this summer, with just four days to go until the new season kicks off, our club decides to further traumatise us with this doozy.

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For those of us who really understand the game (no disrespect intended to Jurgen) it was always clear that wee Simon was our number one player, never mind goalie. Why we have seemingly chosen to let Brugge steal him away from us I will never know and much less forgive.

Sometimes in life these things happen though and you just have to be pragmatic and congratulate Brugge on securing the 19/20 Belgian Pro League. A very shrewd move on their part, especially for the measly sum of £6.4m. I mean seriously why LFC didn't come to us and ask for a whip round in order to keeper our best keeper is very hard to know.

Hot on the heels of this shocking news is further insult to injury as we apparently look to bring in West Ham's former goal keeper Adrian as a replacement. Quite incredible really but resigned to the fact, I'll list a little of the detail.

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32 year old Adrian is a free agent after leaving West Ham this summer. He's 6'3 and his main position is goal keeper, although he can also play as, goal keeper. See he's not even as versatile as Mignolet who would also play an often pivotal bench role.

Adrian is Spanish and we know from Moreno that Spanish players are not as good as Belgium ones but hey ho if LFC have made their minds up. Seriously though, last season a total of just 5 appearances for Adrian resulted in 0 goals and 0 assists. Really, what are our club thinking.

Naturally we will welcome Adrian if/when it's made official but for now we must be allowed a time to grieve. You have to change some of the words but this seems fitting.

Like an errant goal bound football in the wind Simon, you will be missed.

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