Liverpool vs Norwich

Clearly with no signings (unless you count Gomez, Ox and Lallana) the season is already over but still I suppose we will have to still play the games starting with Norwich's visit to Anfield on Friday night. The familiar cries will be heard in the streets surrounding Anfield. "I'll look after your tractor for £5".

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Norwich are known as the canaries after Flemish traders brought the birds over during the 16th Century. Their mascot is a plump old bird called Delia pictured below (Ed: are you sure about that?).

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Being canaries the Championship sends them up to the Premier League every now and again to check the air. Inevitably, they can't survive for long and return to the Championship battered by the likes of Suarez.

Yes Norwich City are back......for now. You might recall that their most famous manager was Mike Bassett who went on to manage England with such aplomb. A case of truth being stranger than fiction. Eh Big Sam ? Norwich take note though, if you have to have birds as your mascot then this is the way to do it.

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The team will be: Alisson, TAA, Gomez, VVD, Robertson, Hendo, Fab, Gini, Firmino, Mane, Salah.


The prediction League bonus questions are as follows:

1. First Goal scorer
2. Number of saves by LFC keeper
3. MOTM as per the Echo

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