Liverpool vs Man City - Community Shield

This fixture used to be called the Charity shield but after a Charity Commission investigation the FA  changed the name to the Community Shield.  There were questions about how much of the gate money went to the charities and delays in the charities receiving their money. Our legal advisers Cockwater, Gash and Bumhead have asked me to point out that the FA Chief Financial Officer, pictured below, vehemently denied rumours that the charities eventually received their money in brown envelopes hidden behind a toilet cistern. The FA though are "flush" with cash and old habits die hard.....

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Liverpool were the last winners of the Charity Shield in 2001 and it became the Community Shield in 2002. This is the 97th Charity/Community shield and although they did not play every year if you go back 97 years to 1922/3 season Liverpool won the first division title so this could be a convoluted and made up omen for the coming season.

It does not help our cause against City that Klopp has upset Pep by suggesting they can spend hundreds of millions each year on players. As Pep pointed out we don't need to do that no more now we've built up a vast stock of expensive players from dodgy sponsorship deals.


Last time out we all got the result right, except Greg who went for a draw, but no one scored any more points and so the prize of a year's supply of Nivea products rolls forward to this game. To raise the interest level further and despite the very real risk of causing mass hysteria I have increased the prize pot again massively to also include the amount of Nivea products Bill Shankly would have used in a year.

First Scorer
Last Scorer
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