Liverpool vs Chelsea

On Wednesday night we play Chelsea in the Super Duper European Championship Cup Trophy thingy. They seem to be trying to build up this competition to sound like a very, important event but it comes at the wrong time and I struggle to see it as anything like as important as the League title or Champions League. On the other hand Britain ignored the World Cup in its early years and had they taken it more seriously England might have won it a few more times and Scotland might even have qualified for the finals.

Maybe then, in time, the European Super cup will be the trophy everyone wants to win and we should therefore try to win it when we have the chance. The other thing in its favour is if we win it we save everyone from the embarrassingly cringe worthy spectacle of a smouldering John Terry doing his Chippendale impersonation and whipping off his suit to reveal his 2010 Chelsea kit before barging everyone out the way to get his hands on the trophy. That image alone should be enough to ensure we go into the match the bookies and people's favourites to lift the trophy.

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Talking of the trophy I have managed to obtain for LBN an exclusive picture of the magnificent new European Super Cup Trophy which is both solid and gold (coloured). In a move of exceptional generosity the players from the winning team each get a trophy of their own to keep and treasure forever. The losers each get two .......

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I cannot decide what the team will be tonight and whether Klopp decides to give the fringe players a run out but would not be surprised to see him start with his first 11 (less Alisson) Adrian, TAA, Gomez, VVD, Robbo, Gini, Fab, Hendo, Mane, Firmino, Salah. I cannot take the trophy seriously but Liverpool should aim to win every match they play especially against teams every bit as plastic as the trophy.


Prediction League bonus point questions

Questions 1-5 all equal 1 point each
1. LFC Result (Win or Loss)
2. Final Score (Must have 1 correct to be eligible)
3. First LFC goal scorer
4. LFC’s possession percentage (+/- 2)
5. Echo’s MOTM

Case Bonus worth 4 points
6. 4th LFC goal scorer
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