Liverpool vs Arse

This is the first of our big Premier League matches this season and the team will need to raise its game in all areas. I think Arsenal is still a team in development but the influx of new players will have given them a lift as will the results in their first two matches and they could well be a threat on the break.

As you know I always like to include the mascot in my match threads and I have discovered that Arsenal  have a self appointed mascot in the form of a real life "Arse" (pictured below). Even if you're not Jay and let's face it not many of us are, that is still one arse you would just never ever get tired of slapping. I believe this particular picture was taken a few hours after trying one of Case's plastic coated Fajitas.

Embed from Getty Images

For our overseas contingent this is Piers Morgan journalist and TV presenter though he might already be known to our American Cousins as he has appeared on TV shows over there which at least gave UK viewers a much needed break. He is an avid Arsenal fan and Arsene Wenger critic. He once wrote a pretty scathing article about Wenger though when asked Arsene said he didn't see it.....

The team to face the arse will be Adrian, TAA, Gomez, VVD, Robbo, Fab, Hendo, Gini, Salah, Firmino, Mane.

It is worth noting that last season "Salah the Selfish" had eight assists in the League and Mane had one. Just sayin'.:-)


PL Bonus for Arsenal Game

1. First LFC goal scorer
2. Number of LFC corners
3. Most tackles and Interceptions by an LFC player. (Total for both)

1st Big Top 6 showdown of the year so we have a Case Special worth (2pts)
4. LFC player to score the 4th LFC goal
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