LFC win Super Cup: Klopp thanks players & fans but not VAR

Allez! peoples! We've conquered all of Europe, including another part of London, by last night in Istanbul adding our second successive trophy this summer. Spurs Chelsea European access - denied. Now stop singing our bloomin song!

Spurred on by Ilija's comment: 'Ooh.. Klop's [Klopp's] entire presser is meat for discussion..' and in advance of Jock's ratings, I thought we might take a quick look at what our esteemed manager had to say after last night's shellacking.

A few points for possible consideration:

As Jurgen mentions near the start of his presser, we could have done without playing extra time last night. That is true but I feel any negative effect should be more than countered by a boost to our morale brought about by winning and that we'll head to St Mary's on Saturday full of confidence.

I don't want to get too analytical for fear of encroaching on Jock's excellent ratings. Plus he does it much better. I will say though I've some concerns on a matter which Jurgen discusses, namely our line-up last night. In particular starting Oxlade Chamberlain over Firmino. Bit of an odd one that, yes we need to get The Ox some minutes but there's a time and a place. I'm not sure last night was either of those. We got away with it by the skin of our teeth, so no harm done but we don't want to be making too many line-up gaffs or it will eventually cost us points.

Following on that train of thought is Gomez's repeated inclusion. Against Norwich it was at the expense of Matip and last night it was TAA who missed out. Exactly the same as with The Ox - I understand these players need match time but our defence just hasn't looked as robust with the changes. I've never seen VVD as animated either and it's clear these changes are unnerving our defence which also has a knock on effect all the way up the pitch.

I still don't agree with Ilija, or Jurgen, that Firmino is a one off. There are other players who can play the same role equally well and it's reasonable to think we may have been able to sign one this summer. There are also plenty of players we could have signed as cover for our fullbacks. Had we done those things then Gomez doesn't have to attempt to play TAA's place and Oxlade Chamberlain isn't having to try and play Bobby's.

V A R, okay! let's take a stab at this hot potato. I totally agree with Jurgen as he makes a point I hadn't considered: when you have to wait so long for an offside decision it is unsettling for the players. This could in part explain some of VVD's annoyance. So our defence play brilliantly, catch the opposing attacker offside but play has to continue and now our players feel they may have got it wrong and are left panicking until the offside is eventually flagged. This creates uncertainty and angst. As a fan watching, it also doesn't make for good viewing.

In my view VAR in it's entirety is a total mess, we saw with the penalty Chelsea were given last night it flat out doesn't work. You still get the wrong decisions. We've turned the game into a stop, start, stuttering affair for no good reason and surely nobody can possibly think VAR is anything other than a total failure.

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To finish on a positive, what a terrific result and despite many of us holding concerns regards strength and depth you have to say, so far so good. Two wins from two and one trophy in the cabinet. We probably don't have too much to worry about then. Or do we, is last night's victory in danger of papering over the cracks?

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