Klopp gives his thoughts on our victory over Arsenal

Morning all, hope everyone is having a nice bank holiday weekend or just a nice normal weekend to those who don't have the bank holiday. Thought I'd make a brief article to give us some fresh space for a while ahead of the player ratings.

We can take a look at what the gaffa had to say after we stuffed The Gunners and also enjoy Bournemouth hopefully doing the same to City. Seems unlikely but you just never know.

Here's Jurgen's post match presser:

To be honest there's not too much of note I can find to talk about - pretty much everything was and is hunky dory and as google has just told me, that's just about the perfect phrase.

The least exotic theory of all, but almost certainly the true clue, traces "hunky-dory" to the archaic American slang word "hunk," meaning "safe," from the Dutch word "honk," meaning "goal," or "home" in a game. To achieve "hunk" or "hunky" in a child's game was to make it "home" and win the game.

Well that's exactly what we did! Have a listen though all, enjoy the winning moment through Jurgen's eyes and if you spot any good talking points please list them below. Failing that we'll just enjoy City dropping more points...
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