Fantasy and Prediction League tables - game week 3

Morning all, it's that time of the week where we have to take a close hard look at ourselves and ask some difficult questions, such as why am I so lame at the Fantasy Football and are other people just lucky in the Prediction League or do I suck? Well let's take a look at the latest tables and find out.

Not too much movement in the Prediction League, Gregorius, Dabandit and TheOrangeCat maintaining their Champions League spots but ManeMen has bumped Scratch into the Europa League... better watch out ManeMen, you'll have a squirrel painted on your back!

Have to doff our caps to this week's top four Prediction League players who all correctly predicted the score against Arsenal. Well played guys.

Moving on to the Fantasy Football we see more change with 40YearOldVirgil rocketing from fourth to first, tHe chOsen Ones doing the reverse and The Mane Men and Earny's Earnest Xl being shunted into the Europa places by 50 Percenters and Tartan Kings Of Euro, who've played themselves into the top four. Great gunning all.

Thanks as always to DaBandit for running the bonus points section and collating all the Prediction League scores. Really makes the game much better and life much easier in terms of producing the tables articles.

Good luck to all for the next round. For this week though, Gregorius (for the second week running) and 40YearOldVirgil are deserved recipients of our Hard To Be Humble Award. take it away guys...

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