Fantasy and Prediction League tables - game week 2

Morning all, it's that time again, a time for losers to weep and winners to rejoice. Great to see some new entrants to our prediction and fantasy games as well. Word must have got out that these are the only games in town. Without further ado, (not adieu which as I've just discovered is an eggcorn) let's take a look at this week's tables.


So in the Prediction League we see TheOrangeCat (formerly known as Garfield) has had the audacity to bump Romper out of the top four, while Gregorius, DaBandit and Scratch have maintained their Euro qualifying places. In the Fantasy Football we have a new entrant, tHe chOsen Ones, whose chosen to start straight at the top! and another new entrant 40YearOldVirgil has claimed the last of the CL qualifying spots. Meanwhile The Mane Men and Earny's Earnest XI have retained top four places but sadly Tartan Kings Of Euro and 50 Percenters have slipped into the Europa Lge.

I still haven't organised any prizes yet... but I will do my best to. In the meantime, I feel our top gods each week do at least deserve some recognition and so am shamelessly borrowing this song/idea from Gregsta which I intend to play for our two winners who can deservedly hum it to themselves as they go about their league leading days.

Well played to all. A big shout out to DaBandit for running the bonus section and collating all the Prediction League points, and good luck to everyone for the next round!

Gregorius and tHe chOsen Ones, let's hear those singing voices loud and proud.......

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