Burnley vs Liverpool

Why did it have to be poor little Bury. Why couldn't it have been Burnley and then they could just give us the three points without the players having to risk life and limb? Ah well at least Burnley managed to lose 3-1 at home to Sunderland on Tuesday in the Caribbean Cup which I believe is good news for us, at least according to the Ilija scale.

Last time we played Burnley I questioned how the bookies had made Chelsea favourites for the Europa League. That is the reason I don't bet. Although in my defence I had just eaten a chocolate liquor which I think might have reacted adversely with the medication I am taking to curb my compulsive lying as well as the 6 pints I'd consumed earlier. Just as well I got HRH Phil the Greek to drop me home.

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Inspired by Cantona's speech last evening I thought I would share this seafood platter with you I could very easily manage it all myself but I know it is better to share.

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Team: No change and team as Case suggested same as the Arse game. Adrian, TAA, Matip, Lobster, Robbo, Fab, Gini, Hendo, Oyster. Firmino, Mane.


Prediction League bonus point questions:

1. First LFC player to draw a card
2. Total LFC shots on target
3. Time of the first LFC goal (+/- 2 minutes)
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