Burnley v Liverpool: predicted line-up and score (0-4)

After securing our third league victory in as many games, next up for League Leaders Liverpool©StuartC is Sean Dyche's Burnley. After which we head into another interminable international break. Tedious as that will surely be it will be more bearable if we're still LLL©StuartC.

So what do we need to do to make that happen? Well after extended deliberation I've come up with the following plan: we must score more goals than they do. I know right, my understanding of the beautiful game is like a burgeoning volcano of a thing and lest you all consider me too humble, have no fear, my CV will be heading to Anfield shortly before 2022. I'll need an assistant manager as well as various coaches and other staff so rest assured I'm monitoring the comments here for suitable candidates. Hawthorn and Tigger1703 are currently leading the way with the following insights.

Hawthorn: 'Burnley play on Wednesday home to Sunderland in the Carabao. Sure they'll rest players but not sure they've got the squad for 10 changes so definite advantage.'

Tigger1703: 'Burnley have been playing really well, this season and have had some unfortunate decisions which have caused them to drop points.... But make no mistake Burnley will be up for it and it will be a very very tough match come Saturday.... whether they play midweek or not.'

Hawthorn: 'Yeah, agree so happy we've got at least an extra days rest than all of their players and maybe an extra 4 than some.'

'I know they're a small club but he plays absolute dogs of war football & only seems to escape criticism & actually receives praise because he's British. No wonder no bigger clubs would ever consider him when you watch how Burnley play.'

Tigger1703: 'Their play is the opposite of our play, slow defensive and disruptive. It's these teams that pose the most threat to us.'

Hawthorn: 'Can't stand Sean Dyche.'

Hope you guys won't mind me reproducing your comments from our previous article. I was having a think about how best to write this week's pre-match page and thought you both made some very good and relevant points. In truth far better than anything I'd managed to think of.

Absolutely no question Burnley are capable of giving us problems both on the day and afterwards if they try and hack us to bits and cause injuries as a result. I tend to agree that Dyche's modus operandi is somewhat archaic. It can be annoyingly effective as well so we'll need to be right on the money to secure a win. As noted though we do have the advantage of a longer preparation time.

This is my pick for our line-up. Nothing drastic or surprising just a team more than capable of playing Burnley off the pitch.


This team may look strikingly similar to the one which played Arsenal, mainly because it is that team. Arsenal gave us the blueprint for how to beat a parked bus which can't get out of it's own half and although Burnley may try and play with a bit more ambition I don't see things being too different. Other than the score which will of course be four nil to us.

Is there a case to make any changes. Can't see why we'd need to rest players ahead of an international break. In fact if any of our players are going to get injured I'd rather it happen playing for us and then they have two weeks to recover. What do you think all, any reasons to consider a different line-up and how do you see the game panning out?
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