Are FSG paving the way to sell LFC in the near future?

Following on from a post made on the last thread by our resident god Stuart which read: Klopp saying we couldn't afford Coutinho. What balderdash! Another headline says player of the year between Salah Van Dijk and Kane. Kane, what the fish!? I thought perhaps we might consider if we're witnessing the beginning of the end of FSG's ownership of Liverpool Football Club.

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This will be brief, especially by my standards because there's not too much to say but perhaps plenty to consider, namely:

FSG will presumably sell us at some point. If you agree with that then the next logical question is when might that happen?

Could it be when they've just seen us win the Champions League (6th), got a new training ground under construction, expanded Anfield's capacity, made all sorts of record breaking deals with sponsors. Tied one of the best managers on the planet to a contract until 2022, cashed in on some very lucrative player sales which puts our club, along with all it's other revenue streams, in a cash rich, healthy and extremely attractive position? Maybe.

If so, how would we as fans know. Well unless or until FSG tell us, we won't do. No harm though in taking a guess. To do that we'd have to look for potential indicators, like us going a whole summer transfer window with all that cash floating about and barely a penny of it being spent.

Potential suitors are attracted by nice looking balance sheets and taking a thrifty approach to transfers off the back of a season where you made plenty of profit would be a good way to create those kind of positive looking finance records.

Next we have the opposing lines of information we're being fed. Before the transfer window opened our owners pledged to provide Jurgen with a suitably large war chest. Next we were repeatedly told by Jurgen that although the funds were there for the right player if they should become available, he felt our squad was pretty much fine how it was. Now after the window has shut he's telling us we couldn't afford Coutinho when plainly we could.

To be fair to Kloppo he's always come across as a straight shooter who speaks the truth no matter what and so perhaps there is some kind of reasoning for his latest statement that we don't know about which makes sense of it. Then again perhaps there isn't. Either which way the whole thing is starting to make me wonder quite what FSG might be up to behind the scenes.

I want to be very clear on my position, which is: FSG are brilliant owners who have done right by us in a large way. They deserve nothing but credit and even if they do want to sell us and are getting the books in their most attractive order to make that happen then good luck to them. They are perfectly entitled to so. They are businessmen and are also perfectly entitled to try and make a good profit and return on their investments. I would be sad to see them go and concerned who a new owner may be and their intentions but one thing is for sure FSG would be leaving us in a massively better position than when they arrived.

This thread then is not in any way meant to promote criticism or negativity, Ali, but simply about a bit of guesswork to consider if we think a sale might be imminent and further to discuss our hopes and fears surrounding such an event. That said please feel free to appraise our owners as well.
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