Would Coutinho be welcome back?

Multiple reports such as this one are suggesting we've tabled the following offer to Barcelona: a two year loan deal which would see Coutinho back in an LFC kit, before we then hand over £88m to make it a permanent move at the end. Sounds like a load of phooey to me but it does raise an interesting point, well a couple actually; would we want Coutinho back and irrespective of that point, would he actually be the right player to improve our current set up versus other alternatives.

Coutinho has hardly set the world alight since moving to Spain but here is a clip of his better moments and if we're honest, he's still a pretty blooming good player. One minute in is particularly enjoyable.

Personally I think Coutinho is a magic player, still. I also believe he would be absolutely mustard in our current team and think should a deal take place he would probably come back, be humble, perhaps make some sort of apology for the ill feeling created by the manor in which he left, and then after he'd smashed in a load of screamers for us and provided the sort of sumptuous assists we know he's capable of, all might be forgiven.

None of that matters though for two reasons, one, apology or not he did leave in a poor manor which showed a distinct lack of respect for club and fans alike. So maybe a few goals could cover that up to an extent but it will always be there. Two, no way should we go for some kind of mickey mouse loan deal and I very much doubt any deal offered by Barca would be a sound or sensible one for us.

There are other players such as Fernandes who look to be on their way up versus Coutinho whose development has largely stagnated. Yes he's a very good player but he was always inconsistent. Fernandes could go on to become a better player and my guess is he would also be a lot cheaper. Where is the logic in buying back Coutinho then? Nowhere to be found is my view but what is yours.

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