Did LFC really need any major new signings this summer?

Article by Romper

Origi is world class, say no more say no more.  In all seriousness though lets go through our possible starting XI positions and see who we currently have as replacements.  Keep in mind we won’t need to be replacing all eleven players at the same time so some players are able to cover multiple positions.

Goal Keeper

The beast – Alisson. With Migs still at the club he is a very good number two keeper (?), then you have the likes of Kelleher in the shadows who showed great potential last pre-season but unfortunately is currently getting over an injury. So if Migs was to depart we probably would need to look for a more established back up keeper, at the same time I wouldn’t mind seeing Kelleher given a shot either.

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Centre Backs

The man mountain VVD will be the number one man every day of the week and twice on Sundays but who will be his preferred partner? After the conclusion of last season you would have to say Matip has earned that spot. So for CB cover we have Gomez, Lovren (may be leaving), Sepp and Phillips. That gives us two senior internationals plus junior players as cover which in theory should be more than enough and in a nightmare injury list like last year there is always Fabinho as well, therefore no real need for any more new players here.

Full backs

Well we have the assist kings of the world TAA and Robo. These two players are next to impossible to replace like for like, but players we do have that can help cover these spots: Gomez, more than capable defensively and can at times add a bit going forward, Clyne (now out for maybe six months) again decent defending and seems to be trying to improve his attacking skill set. Then there’s Milner aka MR Reliable, realistically you can put him down as cover for any position and you know he would grind it out no matter what. Yasser Larouci is a solid and fast lad that was having a decent pre-season down that left flank before he was brutally assaulted in the Seville game but still, another decent player to cover. Then there’s the likes of Hoever and George Johnston in the academy that could come up and help if needed. SO yet again there seems no real need to bring in any new players in this area. (Does Clyne's long term injury change the need for cover?)

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Holding Midfield

Fabinho would surely have to be our starter for this position, so lets look at who else could cover. Well there's our captain Hendo who can play this position quite well now and as Ilija has alluded to has somewhat better stats than Fab’s in this area. If we believe the hype from the club we have signed a new player to help cover this position, a Mr Adam Lallana, well the jury will stay out on this one for the time being but surely we are at a point in the club's history where we don’t need to redefine a player or put square pegs into round holes. I can appreciate loyalty but sometimes you have to be ruthless and maybe there is a better option out there that LFC could purchase rather than experimenting with the Lallana option. Milner also could be used in this position so all in all we do have cover but just maybe there are better players out there which the club could have invested in.

Attacking Midfield

If we go off Klopp's preference, then these spots will probably be filled by Hendo and the dirtiest player to be born Gini (Timp how is that Gini supporters club coming along, we are all still waiting for an invite). OK so what do we have for cover in these positions: Naby Keita, has great potential but had a hot and cold season last year due to various reasoning ranging from injury to settling in. We expect better things from the lad this year but it hasn’t gotten off to a great start due to competing in those stupid internationals he has returned injured so expect another slow start from Naby. Milner, yet again, is there anything this man can not do, hair styling apparently which leads me to the next player Adam Lallana, again another that was hot and cold last season, well lets be honest he was always warm cause the temperature set in the medical office is a nice cozzie 28 degrees. The Ox is back and can add that ever important bit of pace and flare we have lacked on occasions when going forward.

So of our senior players the only hesitation is their injury history, Ox, Lallana and Naby have all got a very poor injury record which may hamper our progress this season. So lets look at the academy players nipping at their heals to come into our match day squad. There’s Curtis Jones who has shown some good skill and physicality in pre-season and there’s Adam Lewis, unfortunately don’t know too much about our academy players but again put on a good show in the pre-season games he played.

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Well that’s the easiest pick of the lot really Mo, Bo and Ma. Now when these lads need a rest and heaven forbid should any of them get injured who do we have as cover. There’s Origi who can provide cover both out wide and in the middle (if we play with a more conventional CF), he scored some crucial goals last season that can never be taken away but that's from just a handful of games over a lot of years so hopefully his form continues and grows and Klopp gives him some more minutes this season. Xherdan Shaqiri, now this is a strange one, when we signed him there was great hope he would bring a little of the “X- factor” we were missing coming off the bench. This appeared to be true early on in the season with him scoring some crucial and great/lucky goals. However the further the season drew on the less we saw of him on the pitch, so we will have to wait and see what this season brings. Rhian Brewster is the new kid on the block, the next coming of well any prodigy academy striker you want to mention. Brewster so far has shown the moves in pre-season but another whose injury record perhaps casts a shadow over what to expect from him this year.

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Moving to other attacking options we have the likes of the returning two success stories of last year, Ryan Kent and Harry Wilson. Both have shown great endurance and persistence to get where they are today and they look to be on the cusp of becoming squad players. Now will this hinder or help their progression. It will probably be less game time than they have been experiencing, plus where will they fit into our squad. One would think if a game's in the balance and something is needed Klopp would turn to Origi and Shaqiri and then on the flip side, if a game is dead and buried and he wants to rest players he would turn to Brewster and then perhaps either Wilson or Kent.

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Next we have academy players such as Glatzel, Duncan, Millar and Woodburn (unfortunately I think Woodburn’s opportunity has sailed) all waiting in the wings to swoop in for their chance and by all accounts these lads have shown flashes of brilliance during their respective pre-season games. Unfortunately for Glatzel he suffered a serious knee injury during the first match but once again it begs the question do we really need to bring in any new players.

I’m not fully up to date with all, actually many of our academy players other than what I’ve seen pre-season, so if you have any idea on any of them let us know or even if I have missed some, it’s always good to hear about the young lads coming through.

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The debate may be are there any improvements on the likes of Origi, Wilson, Kent and Lallana. If there is and they want to come to LFC and understand their place within the squad, then surely we should be going after them. Players such as Fernandes and even Fekir who's reportedly going to Betis for 18m, surely that is a risk the club could have taken and brought him in for say 20m.

C’est la vie, I guess we will just have to trust in what Klopp is sprouting in the media and hope the proverbial doesn’t hit the fan during the season and leave us wondering why the hell we didn’t sign anyone during the summer. At this stage though, what is your best guess, transfer wise, have we got things right or wrong?
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