Tranmere Rovers vs Liverpool

At last some (nearly) real football. Fitting too that our first pre-season friendly should be against Tranmere Rovers bringing together the two teams that Bev supported and in the case of Tranmere Rovers also worked for. Lovely too that both teams had such good seasons last year. One thing the teams have in common is alliterative managers. They have Micky Mellon and we have Klippity Klopp.
Unfortunately, their assistant manager is Michael Jackson. Still it could be worse he might have been the youth team coach...…..Owww!

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I think it is a really good idea to have pre season friendlies against smaller and less successful teams in your local area to give them a bit of a lift. I think it would be a nice gesture if in future we could extend it further to cover both Everton and Man Utd.

I know you are all just waiting to hear about the Tranmere Rovers Mascot who is a God that goes by the unexpected name of Rover.

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Any similarity between him and the mascots at Doncaster, Blackburn, Bristol and Raith is purely coincidental (at least according to his tax accountant). Dover Rovers don't have a mascot. I have checked so you don't have to.
This is a must win game but it will not be easy with many regulars on International duty. It does though give us a chance to see some of the youngsters in action.
Just for fun predictions for the following please. One point for each right answer:
First player to score
Liverpool shots on target
Number of times Case says Booooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmm!!!!!!!
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