Origi finally signs new contract but is that enough?

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Hot off the heels of it being made official Origi has agreed a new long term deal to stay at LFC for the foreseeable, it seems a good time to consider the merits of not only that deal specifically but also our up and coming youngsters who are being tipped to transition to first team roles in the 2019/20 season. Alongside our Original scorer of legendary goals, Mr Divock O Origio, many of the mentioned players got their chance to impress last night in our first pre-season game which they duly did by beating Tranmere Rovers six nil. So does that then mean we're all happy to agree we are kitted out as much as we need to be squad wise, or do we still need to sign some more experienced players?

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What does Origi’s contract extension mean (besides him being a world class player). Surely this is Klopp stating he believes Origi is now his go to option when our regular front three are misfiring and he needs someone to come off the bench and provide an all too crucial goal. Throughout this upcoming season LFC will play anywhere between 40 to 50 games and during that time our front line will need to have a rest and dog forbid any one of them get injured. With his new contract Origi surely has to be the first choice replacement. If he doesn't see more minutes this season (there are no excuses as at this point in time he will have a full pre-season and no injuries) I will find the decision to give the player a new contract a strange and befuddling one.

So Origi is our number one replacement, then Brewster if you are to believe all the hype, will be Klopp's go to academy player. Everything being reported so far is that Klopp believes Brewster will not just feature but be involved with our main squad right throughout this season. Whether Brewster is good enough or not only time will tell, although he's off to a relatively good start to pre-season with two proper CF goals, but is the young lad jumping the queue without putting in the graft unlike what Wilson and Kent have had to do?

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Also on that note where does that leave Kent and Wilson. You have Origi filling in the top spot, Brewster filling in the young academy spot then you have the likes of Squirrel and even the Ox that fill in in-between. Is there enough room for both of, or either one of, Kent and Wilson or should they start looking elsewhere for their futures. Should they perhaps feel a little bitter if Klopp does go with Brewster over them because the way the media and Klopp presents his views it definitely sounds like that’s what may happen.

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All three of the aforementioned lads put in a good first outing last night versus Tranmere, although Brewster stole the lime light with his brace of goals. Kent seemed to pop up and be a good link player and Wilson came away with an assist. So is there room for all three players to get enough game time to keep advancing their skill and career, or should one or two of them be loaned out; only to other EPL clubs to get some experience in the EPL and those elusive minutes they need?

Then you have the likes of Clyne, will he be willing to play second fiddle to a 19 year old? One thing is for sure though, as long as some of these academy players are as good as the media makes out (didn't look too bad against Rovers) we seem to be strong across our back line, with the likes of Phillips, Hoever, Larouci, Lewis and the new giant Sepp all waiting for their chance. Then we have players such as Curtis Jones in midfield, Ben Woodburn on the wing and a smattering of others to consider. Most all of them putting in good performances last night...

SO many questions and so little answers. Just hurry up and sign Fernandes, Zaha, Pepe, Ceballas!

What do we think then all. Are the players we saw last night good enough or are you still hankering for more? And one last point for you to take into consideration and agree/disagree with, is this one.

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