Liverpool vs Sporting Lisbon

I have found as mascot for Sporting Lisbon. I don't know if it is theirs but if it wasn't before then it is now. It's a lion by the name of Jubas. He has been in trouble in the past for over familiarity with the (soon to be announced) new Liverpool signing Fernandes which interrupted an official post match interview and resulted in a £500 fine for the club. UEFA obviously take interrupting interviews far more seriously than potential leg breaking assaults or racism for example......

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The match against Sporting takes on a new importance now after two straight defeats and in a cooler setting of New York, New York  I fully expect Liverpool to deliver a much improved performance and result. I appreciate that the Tour of America is about spreading football culture generally and Liverpool in particular to the (slowly) developing world ;-) but so far it hasn't been ideal preparation for the new season.


Liverpool's awful form has only been surpassed by the LBN predictions, In the hope that my own forecasts continue to be just as bad I am predicting a Boris Johnson victory in the Con leadership contest:

We go again, again, again:
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