Liverpool vs Sevilla

Sevilla is the oldest football club in Spain though if they are I don't know who they could have been playing back then though. They were formed in part by Scottish expats working in Spain so I think we can expect a dirty game but with help from their goalkeeper. Their arch enemy Real Betis' mascot is called Palmerin, meaning palm and as everyone knows Sevilla's macot is called Locco, meaning oddly shaped heart. I think I could be a mascot designer when I grow up.


Everyone is after some good news about transfers well I have a little piece of inside information direct from the horses mouth that Sturridge will be signing for Valencia. You can bet your house on it but don't tell anyone as it could get someone into trouble..
Amazingly Sevilla have had seven managers in the last three years after Dick Emery left them to join Arsenal. If this wasn't just a friendly I would be saying that after the game they'll be looking for an eighth.


Stu's just for chips and giggles bonus section:
Greg won the last prediction game by forecasting a defeat (boo) and the first goal scorer. So, through gritted Klopp like teeth, well done!  But we learned nothing!

We go again, again:
First Scorer
Last Scorer

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