Liverpool vs Napoli

The pre season ramps up now with the visit of Napoli to our shores. We are playing them in Edinbra so they will have to wrap up warm as there will be a drop in temperature to contend with of around 40c. I fully expect to see Salah (boo) and Mane wearing leggings, gloves and bobble hats.....

One of the Napoli nicknames is "I ciucciarelli" which means little donkeys and as a result they have adopted a rather large donkey as their mascot, pictured below.

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It seems that no one wants to win the big prize for pre-season predictions. I have deliberately kept the prize secret for fear of causing a stampede of entries but in view of the poor performances so far I now feel that I need to encourage you all to take it more seriously. I can now reveal that the prize is in fact a Nivea gift package comprising all the toiletries and skin care products that Tommy Smith would have used in an entire year.....

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2019/20 season Liver Bird Nest games now ready for the off!

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Look forward to seeing as many of you as poss competing for top god.
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