Liverpool vs Borussia Dortmund

This match is taking place at the Notre Dame Stadium Indiana. Now Geography is not my strong point but I do know that, before the Cathedral caught fire on that fateful day, Notre Dame was not in Indiana but in a little town called Paris in France.  I remember that day especially because it was the day I stubbed out my last fag. Well I am sure I stubbed it out, must've done, yes pretty sure I did......

As for the people of Notre Dame, a campaign has started to get them back home to France called #sendthemback, sendthemback and there is plenty of support from people in very high places…..

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I am struggling to find something interesting to say about Dortmund. I cannot find any links to the British Royal family, the wars of the roses or any financial scandals. Fortunately, though. I have found a picture of their mascot. A gender neutral insect called Emma, on the left:

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I would expect the team to play Dortmund to feature a few more of the first team squad so I will not attempt to guess the side.  I think we will also see some of our new signings like Lallana, the Ox, Brewster and Gomez.  It might be a bit too soon for Pepe and Fernandes to feature though.....
The predictions forecasts have been terrible so far with another clean sweep of nil points all round, being Liverpool though we will just have to go again.

First Scorer
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