Liverpool sign Nicolas Pepe

Is something that could potentially happen but do LFC fans want it to? We might not have any choice if reports are to be believed we are already in talks with Lille. Yes, like many before it, this rumour persists, so perhaps now is a good time to re-examine Pepe's credentials. Then we'll know whether to jump for joy if we sign him, or jump off a bridge or possibly even a pier. If that is your preference.

Beating most to the punch, The Liver Bird Nest first penned a piece about the possibility of us pinching Pepe from Lille back in April. People can peruse that article here and subsequently we produced another article on the 24 year old Ivorian, which can be read here. Last time out we ran a poll about Pepe and 65% of all Liverpool fans, who participated, were in favour of us pouncing on a deal. Is that presently the case though? To refresh our memories and provoke further pontification here are a few of Pepe's particulars.

Main position: right winger, can also play as a centre forward. That sounds like some pretty good cover options for us and, as we've all been saying, strength and depth could prove to be pivotal.

Current market value: around £60m. That sounds like a chip tonne of money but no doubt is considered good value in the bizarro world of elite level football, and let's be honest, we can afford it. So if we are going get good performance for our pound then it's probably worth us paying.

Age: as above Pepe is just 24 years young, so plenty of years ahead, including his peak ones and plenty of room for further improvement. Perfect.

Stats: last season Pepe made 41 appearances in all competitions, scoring 23 goals and providing 12 assists. In all but two of those games he played the right wing position. That sounds positively  impressive to me. For comparison purposes: Salah played 52 matches, scored 27 goals and made 13 assists. He played a far greater percentage of his games as a centre forward though which presumably makes it easier to pick up the goals. Their respective strike rates, are a goal every 3.5 minutes for Pepe and a goal every 4.3 minutes for Salah. Going on that particular past performance, perhaps it would be prudent of us to ponder a straight swap deal?

It's never easy to predict these things but everything previously listed above seems to point toward this potentially being a very good signing and I think I might have suggested as much in my prior Pepe postings. Since then though Fernandez popped on to the scene and my eyes were turned. Was everyone else's gaze also averted or does Pepe still have some pull? In a moment we shall find out but first, it would I feel, be pertinent to have a quick peak at the person in question in this short video presentation. And yes, I have of course been porpoisefully picking the peas.

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