Klopp returns and are Alves and Ceballos about to join him?

So pre-season is finally about to get under way and as per LFC's official twit: Jurgen has returned to Melwood in readiness. According to a poster who shall remain anonymous the gaffa has put on a few pounds and you hope it's through sipping Piña colada on a nice beach somewhere in celebration of our fantastic 18/19 season. Now though is time to look forward to the 2019/20 EPL (winning) season and it's great we're about to start our preparation.

Regards the waist line you can weigh things up for yourselves...
Moving swiftly on we also have some transfer news to consider in the form of Dani Alves and Dani Ceballos. Both Dani's having recently been reported to have been reportedly linked with a claim of understanding to be possible transfer targets for Liverpool. As a matter of fact.

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Well firstly I think we should avoid any players whose name starts off with the letters Dani but that aside do these two players appeal? Alves needs no introduction, simply one of the very best fullbacks in world football for a generation but the fact he's played a generation and is now 36 may suggest he's not someone who would be on Jurgen's radar to add to our predominately young squad. As has been debated on the previous thread, if he moves, would Alves himself even want to become part of a squad rather than a team's stand out star player?

For me I don't see this signing happening. Just too many factors like age which don't fit and also the wages I presume he'd expect. As Jock has argued though Alves would bring a wealth of trophy winning experience to our locker room and that could be invaluable. Also as the saying goes, you can never have too many Brazilians. What do we think then all, yay or nay?

Moving on to Dani 2.0 we have Spaniard, Daniel Ceballos Fernández who at age 22 seems in my view a far more worthy transfer candidate. The thing is he plays for Real Madrid and they seem like they'd be a mare to do business with. The talk is of them wanting to make a loan deal and that again is not something I see LFC agreeing to. Also Spurs are said to be interested and would we get into a potentially price rising battle with them?

Regards the player himself, it's a yes from me. What is not to like, seriously, take a look and see if you can find anything Ceballos doesn't excel at.

I believe should a transfer be possible Ceballos would be the perfect fit for us. He plays central midfield as well as attacking and left midfield. Last season he only scored 3 goals and made 2 assists but he really didn't feature too heavily for Real and I expect he would do much better in our team and could potentially have a lot of good years ahead of him.

Maybe Ceballos is just what we need to finally replace Coutinho. This is a good article appraising his style of play and strengths and weaknesses and well worth reading in full. A short exert though:

Ceballos’ close control and ability to carry the ball into the attacking third really stand out. He has the intelligence to go past people like they’re not there. In 2015/16 and 2016/17, he completed more dribbles (133) than any other under-21 player in La Liga. His close control and awareness can be seen too in his glimpses of quality he’s shown for Real Madrid too.

The midfielder isn’t all about dribbling and getting around well in tight spaces though. He knows when to pick the right pass, and can often get his team-mates into great goalscoring positions. Ceballos’ former team-mate at Betis Rúben Pardo said: “Dani is a player with a lot of quality who makes everything easier for his team-mates. He always gives you the right pass so you can move the ball more comfortably. He makes everything simpler.”

So should we be hoping to see one Spaniard coming in to replace the one who's just left us or are there better options out there?

Lastly, with talk of Jurgen above I found a short interview with him on LFC's official channel which people may find interesting as we look to get back to work ahead of a fresh new season.

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