England Ladies vs USA Ladies

I hope we can all watch the remainder of the World cup without the need for smutty or sexist comments because tonight it's the big one  (no Jay). The ladies are about to give us a semi to remember (no Jay). I am of course referring to the World cup semi final between the ladies of England and the USA. Of course some of you will be consoling, sorry I mean supporting the USA, but I hope the rest of us will be getting right behind the Lionesses (no Jay) giving them extra support (no Jay) and if they need a lift that we can all give them one (definitely not Jay)

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I know at least one of them looks suspiciously like a lion but you can tell them that, not me.
Some of you have been less than impressed with the standard of play so far and have suggested the goals and pitch should be made smaller and our part qualified equal opportunities officer (Greg) has gone one step further and suggested their kit should be smaller too …...Jock though has been particularly disparaging about the goalkeeping. This is a bit rich for someone brought up on Scottish goalkeepers and  coming from someone who thought Karius might even be a goalkeeper right up until the CL final. If Jock really can't bring himself to watch the football then there is always Serena  on the other side...…..
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