Dani Alves is “looking for a job” A no-brainer for LFC?

So, free agent and world’s most decorated footballer, Dani Alves has jokingly posted the following on his Instagram account...

“Looking for a job, where do I put my CV? Someone let me know if you have time to read it.”

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Now I’ve touched on this before on previous threads but for me, bringing in Dani Alves is an absolute no-brainer for us. We already needed fullback cover but with Clyne now being out long term injured, the need for another option at fullback has become even more pressing.

Milner and Gomez can do a job at fullback for a game or two no doubt but given our reliance on the creativity of Robbo and Trent, our overall game definitely suffers without them and if either were out for a sustained period, it would be more than a little concerning. There’s also the academy options and while the likes of Adam Lewis and Hoever are well thought of, they’ve still got a bit of physical development to do before they’re really ready to play men’s football week in, week out.

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If we brought Alves in however, we have world class cover for both flanks and we wouldn’t lose out on the creativity that our current fullbacks bring. Alves is also head and shoulders the standout fullback of his generation, what he could teach Robbo and particularly Trent on the training field could be absolute gold dust for them. He’ll also already know the Brazilians in the team as per the pic with Alisson and he’s a proven winner throughout his entire career. He may be quite expensive wage wise but no transfer fee and he’s an incredibly marketable player for the club. I reckon we give him a twelve month contract with the option of another twelve. Could be a Gary Mac kind of signing for us I reckon, as we enter six competitions.

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What do we think then troops? Dani Alves - yay or nay?

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