A time for reflection x

Morning all, hope everyone is well. Just wanted to mention that it's around a year now since Bev sadly passed away. I'm afraid I don't know the exact date but it was in these late July, early August weeks. Perhaps sometime in the future I'll endeavour to find out as it would be nice to know but I really don't want to intrude on or disturb her family. They of course will be thinking of her, as well as missing her greatly just as we do and I know everyone here wishes them well.

I'm not going to write too much on this page, nor do I expect others to leave lengthy posts unless they want to. Bev is always in all our hearts and it's a personal thing as to how and where we individually like to express such. We have Bev's thread here, where folks have left their condolences and I know people visit that page from time to time. Also that we often pay tribute to her on our normal threads.

Bev, I hope that you are okay up above. We really feel your spirit and know that you are keeping an eye out for us as well as your beloved red men. In turn we are supporting both Liverpool and each other just as you asked that we carry on doing. We are missing one though x

Missing you we will always do, love you we will always do and remember you fondly as an amazing person we will always do that too x YNWA x

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