Liverpool transfers round up and STOP PRESS - double bids made!

Article by Earnst

Regards our transfer business to date, the lack of action does seem odd, but really you'd hope Klopp is giving the players back from their loans a chance to showcase their development in pre-season. But yeah, you'd still like to have seen some obvious business done quickly. Much like the moving on of Sturridge and Moreno.

Will anyone else leave? Would it be better to replace or simply keep Mignolet? (I don't know what his wages are). Are we really going to keep Lallana?! That can't be good business. Sounds like we're going to sell one or two of the youth players. If rumours are to be believed, we could probably raise close to £100m in player sales. It'd be nice to add to that and spend a bit.

My early thoughts are:

Rose - test the water and see if he'd move and Spurs would sell him. I wouldn't pay more than £20/25m. Rose v Robertson for left back would result in some ferocious performances.

Pope - pending medical and if Mignolet did go. Again, might be better just to keep him. I think a couple of years at Liverpool playing the cups and being an under study to Alisson, would actually do Pope and his England career good in the long term!

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Zaha - I do think he's gotten a lot better and more consistent the last two seasons. Much better option than Lallana. He knows the league and on his day can beat a team on his own. He's a match winner.

Thought I'd suggest some wild cards. None have been rumoured and they're reaching to be fair! lol Fantasy football I guess. Who won the fantasy league in the end?? I'm sure I came pretty close!!

(Fantasy and prediction league final results table coming soon)

Addition by Case - the players we've been linked with so far:

Mbappe - Don't see this one happening and am in two minds about it. Bob made a good point that signing Mbappe could unsettle our current team formation and cohesiveness. Tend to agree but Mbappe is an exciting player so on the other hand it could be great to watch him play for us.

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Fernandes - This is my personal pick of the bunch and the player I'd most like to see us sign. I think the chances of us doing so are fair to middling and it's currently being reported that we've tabled a bid of around £40M for him. The only club of those interested to make an offer so far.

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Tokoz - We are supposedly in talks to sign this 23 year old midfielder from Besiktas.

Targett - We're also claimed to have enquired with Southampton about signing Targett, a left back, as a replacement for Moreno and to provide backup for Robertson.

The Ajax collective: De Ligt, Ziyech, Neres - Could it be that Ajax are to become our new feeder club? Unlikely unless we are prepared to spend ridiculous amounts on both player acquisitions and subsequently their wages. That would in my view also have a knock on effect of raising the ceiling of our wages meaning our existing players would all want more money too. Not a smart idea.

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If you want to join Liverpool, and you should, then be prepared to play for what is already extremely good money. If you want to get greedy then go and play for PSG, or Utd. Personally, despite all the talk and speculation linking us with these Ajax players I don't see us signing any of them.


While there may be one or two more names we've been linked with (there is, I forgot Pepe who we've also reportedly made an offer for), the above players seem so far to be the main contenders. That can, and probably will all change as the transfer window progresses. Particularly when other country's transfer windows officially open but no harm in us weighing up the pros and cons of each of them and that is what I propose we do below.

If we intend to really go for everything this coming season, including the domestic cups and I'm sure we do, then we will need to strengthen our squad this summer. Of course our absolute best eleven could also do with a tweak or two. So the question is, which of the above listed players should be the ones to do that and also which other players are out there who people would like to see added to the list of LFC targets. Earnst has got the ball rolling with Rose, Zaha and Pope. Thoughts please all.
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