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You all know the history behind TLBN so there is no need for a book on the subject just yet (though JK, or Michelle as he likes to be known at weekends, could oblige once he has finished his book on how to deal with the Millennium bug).

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In short, the site was set up in the name of a very special person (Bev) to return LFC to a position of world dominance and in particular to deliver both the Champions League and the Premier League titles. Well we are now almost  halfway there and it is a good time to take stock of exactly where we are as a site and as a community.

I took a little while recently to look back at all the articles written since the site began. I was rewarded with  a really interesting, entertaining and yes, at times, even emotional journey. I would recommend it to you all from the brilliant early work by Not You right through all the ups and downs and ending with the CL win. The thing that really struck home to me though is just how dependent the site is now on just a very few contributors. Only three really with Jock and Case really leading the way, but in particular, on Case's prolific input or is it output?. I have printed off just a few of his most recent and shorter posts pictured below.

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I know that we all appreciate the work he has put in and the quality of his input and we have all said so on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, words are one thing but they frankly don't " *cut the mustard" unless they are backed up by a bit more practical support.

If we are to carry forward the site over the close season and on into the future we really need a lot more people to make a lot more positive contributions. We are not looking for war and peace or Shakespearian quality just a few thoughts ideas or views. We all have a story or two about how we came to support the club and every one will be different and in its own way interesting to others. So that would be a good starting point to build up a stock of articles we could draw on when times are tough. We also all have a few magical or even not so magical moments in Liverpool history that are fixed in our psyche forever and again it would be interesting to hear other people's memories and to reminisce ourselves.

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Sometimes people could turn their comments on another thread into an article especially if it attracted differing views or lots of comments. Or instead of just posting a link to an interesting article on another site they could instead just credit the other site and make it into an article by adding their opinions on the story. The ideas and words are all that is required. The moderators are happy to act as editors or to add appropriate pictures or even wholly inappropriate ones if the mood takes us. This is a safe environment to try out ideas and you can be sure you will always receive a positive response.  LBS has led the way and even managed to turn the dusty old subject of libraries into an original and entertaining article. I am though beginning to understand why his granny made him that "special" cheesecake;-)

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So let's get them articles out (no Jay not those "articles") and add even more to the community spirit which has built up over the years and if anyone has any other ideas of how we can spread the load any suggestions would be welcome.

* Someone has to cut the mustard or how else would we all end up with those dried out jars of mustard in the back of the cupboard, with a sell by date of 1995?  My own little mustard pot is pictured below.


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