Fans vote: Nicolas Pepe, yes or no?

Morning all, first off a quick note of apology. Not sure what I'm doing really at present. In life that is but don't want it affecting the site and it has done a little bit of late. Will try and refocus. Starting with this Pepe centred debate.

As per comments on the last thread and as can also be read about here the Pepe to Liverpool rumours have hit new heights with the apparent leaking of a video capture showing him being interviewed on LFCTV.


Hard to tell if it's a hoax or not but out of all the players we've been linked with, Pepe seems to be the candidate gaining the most traction. It therefore would not be at all surprising if his transfer to Liverpool is announced imminently. That means now is the perfect time to ask ourselves how we'd feel about such an event, without the fact of the matter affecting our view.

Having written a previous article about Pepe my conclusion was he would be a welcome addition, particularly with Sturridge likely on his way out the club. Well now that has been confirmed so this deal seems like a no brainier. It would also hint at Origi maybe leaving us and that is something which has been spoken of in the media of late. Are all of the jigsaw pieces now revealing themselves?

In Sturridge we had an immense striker who was sadly not able to be immense due to constant injury. At this stage he was no longer a viable long term option for us and so whether that be with football or something else we wish him well in pastures new. In Origi we have a player who splits opinion. On the one hand it's hard to argue with his contributions last season but on the other he always leaves a question mark as to why he hasn't forced Jurgen's hand into giving him more minutes. As Romper noted on the last thread, if Origi was truly good enough he would feature much more than he does.

Step forward Pepe - could he be the level of striker that Sturridge and Origi combined have not managed to be for us? I think he could. So too does Hawthorn who will hopefully not mind me reproducing his recently posted words:


Although I've been comparing him to our aforementioned strikers, Pepe's main position is actually the right wing but he is comfortable to play as a striker too. This still marries up with Daniel and Divock as they also play right wing as well as centre forward so I think the comparison is a fair one and can see Pepe viably replacing the other two. Of course it's possible that Divock stays even if we do sign Pepe.

A quick recount of Pepe's particulars: He's 1.83m in height, 24 years old and although he was born in France has Ivory Coast Citizenship and plays for them at international level. His current club is Lille and last season Pepe scored 23 goals and created 12 assists, making 41 appearances across all competitions. That last stat suggests a pretty good robustness.

For comparison purposes, in Ligue 1, Pepe's strike rate last season was a goal every 151 minutes. Salah's strike rate in the EPL was a goal every 148 minutes and here is some footage of Pepe in action.

To conclude in an idea I've shamelessly pinched from Jock in the last article, we shall now have a fans vote. I will first premise it though with the following.

The vote presumes that whenever Liverpool sign a new player we are each of us generally happy and excited. The vote also presumes that we have a level of trust in Jurgen and the staff around him which dictates we will again of course be happy to a point with most any signing, pending the proof pudding which is seeing them play.

This then is a question based solely on what we individually know of Pepe to date and what our gut instinct tells us about not just him but possible alternative transfers which maybe then wouldn't happen if his own transfer goes ahead.

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