Fans vote: At their Liverpool peak... Suarez or Torres?

Fernando Torres. The former darling of the Kop who became public enemy number one after quitting the club to move to Chelsea of all people (still hurts), has this week announced his impending retirement. Our current team plays without a traditional one but over the last decade, we’ve had two outstanding centre forwards - Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez but who was the best?

All round game

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This one is easy. Suarez wins hands down. A lot of Suarez game was his relentless pressing and tenacity. Torres was a far more measured player, looking for the right opportunity. Suarez was relentless, he would pop up all over the pitch and led the team from the front, forcing those around him to work harder. Any defender is going to know he’s been in a game when he’s played Suarez - just ask Robbo. Nightmare for defenders and was far more involved in our build up than Torres used to be. This is demonstrated in their respective chances created. The most chances Torres created in a single season was in 07/08 with a respectable 43, leading to 4 assists. Suarez best season of chances created was in 12/13 where he registered a staggering 90 chances created, registering a disappointing 5 assists, demonstrating how much our attack was struggling at that time, prior to the January signings of Sturridge and Coutinho. His chances created dropped substantially in 13/14 however to 11, as he became the focal point of our attack.


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There’s not much in this one but for me, Torres was the more natural finisher. His first season with us he was absolutely sensational, scoring a stunning 33 goals in 42 games. He also became (at the time) our fastest player to 50 goals, achieving that feat in just 72 games. Suarez in comparison took 81 games to reach the 50 mark. After 100 games, Torres had plundered 61 goals and Suarez a respectable 54. Their final goals to game ratio however is remarkably similar. Torres scored 65 goals in 102 appearances, while Suarez racked up 69 goals in 110 appearances so there’s little to choose from there.

Suarez finishing also developed during his time with us. He was far more clinical in 13/14 than he had been in previous years and has maintained that level since. Torres immediately hit the ground running with us and his goal output declined over his Liverpool career, whilst Suarez grew and grew. If I had to choose who was the most natural finisher though, it would be Torres. His first season, any kind of half chance and it was in the back of the net.


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No contest on this one. Torres had an exemplary disciplinary record both on and off the pitch. Suarez on the other hand... Where to start... Banned for biting an opposition player no less than three times in his professional career, twice as a Liverpool player. Add to that, the whole racially abusing Evra debacle and the fact he’s a dirty, diving cheat, I don’t think there could be any doubt who was better for Liverpool’s image. We experienced Suarez ugly side first hand in this season’s Champions League and now I really understand why all opposition fans hated him so much. I can also remember him being booed by the Kop for his diving in the early stages of his career. Not something that’s been witnessed at Anfield too often.

For our current team?

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If I had to choose one as being most suitable for our current team, it would probably have to be Suarez. The only problem there is that I don’t think he and Bobby could play together, as with both wanting to drop deep, they would end up occupying the same spaces. Just imagine Suarez spearheading the attack between Mane and Salah though...

For Torres to fit into our current team, we would need to switch to a 4-2-3-1, with our current front three playing just behind. I don’t think Torres is an archetypal Klopp style player, preferring to play on the shoulder, straight down the middle, rather than interchange positions but he had great success with Lewandowski who is similar so it could work.

Anyway, it’s a tough one and I’m struggling to decide between them so I’ll hand over to the community. At their peak, who was better?

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