No words but all words are enough

Article by Liver Bird Spotting.

I am so proud of this club. The players, Klopp, his staff, the owners, the fans. Everyone involved in the club for delivering the sixth European cup/Champions League trophy, putting us back on the podium of European royalty. The problem is that we never feel we have worshipped the players, manager, staff, fans etc enough for their achievement.

We feel a duty to do more, with no words ever able to fulfil this sense of duty. I have thus saved us a lot of time (not that it’ll really stop the tributes). I shouldn’t take all the credit though, it’s really Jonathan Basile’s achievement. This man is the most dedicated Liverpool fan ever, he’s created every song ever sung by the Kop, explained the beauty of our club perfectly, and has always had faith, predicting Klopp would win the Champions League with us this season. Unfortunately, he is also the most dedicated Everton fan, United fan, and has called our site ‘a manifestation of everything wrong with the internet, humanity, and existence itself’. Interesting guy, huh.


In reality he is the solution to our problem of unquenchable duty. I give you his creation: The Library of Babel, which houses the complete works of Liverpool legend Ryan Babel. This is a website where every possible combination of lower-case letters in the English language, commas, full-stops and spaces are present. Anything you could ever say is here. It’s waiting to be found, either by the search tool, or the randomiser. There’s no need for a 5000-word article complied of only: DIVOCK ORIGI. It’s already been done, and in a quantity us peasants could only dream of reaching.

My point is we don’t need to feel like we’re not doing enough to congratulate the lads on number 6. It’s an important lesson to learn as the silverware flood gates open. We can never do enough. Only all words are enough, and John Basile has got us covered:

TL;DR (even though it isn’t long): This will not and should not change the frequency of our verbal club worship. Ignore me and continue as before. (-;
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