The Fekir factor part deux

As both Liver Bird Spotting and Ilija have noted in our previous article's comment section, the Fekir to Liverpool rumours continue to rumble on. In April we ran a piece where we considered whether or not Liverpool would and should sign Fekir this summer and the result of the attached poll was emphatic: 69% of those voted were in favour of us doing so.

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Has that opinion now shifted or are we all mostly still for such a deal? If so then the good news is that Lyon's president has confirmed Fekir is free to leave this summer. Quoted in the Liverpool Echo this is what Jean-Michel Aulas told the media after his side's 3-2 victory over Nimes on Friday:

“Effectively, Nabil is outside [of the two departures we already expect to happen], because we have an understanding that he can go.

“Thanks Nabil for bringing what he brought, we have an understanding to let him go.”

In our prior Fekir article we compared his stats with some of our current players and he came out on top in pretty much every category. It is clear that the young Frenchman is a very talented player and having tried to sign him already, plus reportedly still carrying an interest in January, it seems that Liverpool is certainly a likely destination for Fekir. Although as Greg mentions on the previous thread perhaps Jurgen is not so keen any more. If he is though then should we stump up a fee in the region of €70million to sign him? Ex Liverpool player Mark Lawerson believes we should and in a recent BBC article he had the following to say regards our summer transfers:

"You might argue they [Liverpool] don't really need to desperately strengthen any one position, but I think it would be nice if they could get an attacking midfielder, of the sort they have not had since Philippe Coutinho left for Barcelona in January 2018.

A criticism I heard a lot, particularly earlier in the season, was that with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain sidelined, all of Liverpool's midfielders were too similar, and not adept at opening up defences.

I am talking about someone with a bit more creativity, like Lyon's Nabil Fekir, who they were going to buy last summer until the move fell through.

The way the season has gone, you could not say they have missed him, but in future they might need to have more ways to win games, especially against teams who just sit in"

For me that makes a very good case for us signing Fekir and I'm in favour of this potential transfer. Nabil had a great 18/19 season with Lyon scoring 12 goals and providing 9 assists - just what we could do with in our midfield. So it's a yes from me but what do you think all, yay or nay?

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